R-Logic Transport ERP

R-Logic has been developed by studying the requirements of various companies in the logistics industry and realizing that there is scope for an integrated web-based solution which would cater to the various information requirements of the companies operating in this sector.
We have taken industry experts on-board and done a comprehensive survey and study of the various aspects pertaining to the industry. We have identified the key value processes and significant contributors in the growth of companies in this sector and integrated all these procedures, policies and practices in our application. At the same time, we have ensured that the product is robust, secure, scalable, easy to deploy & use and having features of central data storage and web-enabled application deployment, giving the customers real-time information about all aspects of the business. Our dashboard and alert features enables on-line review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and integration with PDA’s enables data capture at the point of the transaction.
R-Logic Business application Integrate critical Information and workflow across the Organisation.
It helps in providing timely Information and reduces the duplication of work by Integrating all departmental functions, key processes, procedures and policies based on the user work profile.
There by saves tremendous time and efforts of an employee with an accuracy and availability of Information on click of a button.
It is a web based solution integrated with Operation Management,Financial Accounting,Fleet Management,Payroll Management and CRM.

Reporting Benefits

Profitability: Consignment wise, Branch wise, Own/Market Vehicle wise.

MIS Reporting: With enhanced Reporting tool with Pivot table configuration and user customizable fields controlling feature.

Auto Alerts: Generated by system at specified time.

Auto Reports: There is no Staff dependency for the Management team to know about Client Outstanding, Loss making bookings, Branch wise Bookings, Unbilled Consignments, etc.