Logistics and Transport Industry, Cold Chain Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, School, Retail,Distribution Companies, High Value Goods Movement, ATM Cash Van and Goverment Sector.

Industry / Sector Focus

Speed Monitoring

Temp. Monitoring

Door Sensor

Fuel Monitoring


Theft Control


Live Tracking of one vehicle/group of vehicles
Vehicles status analysis (Avilable/ln-transit/Repair ...)
Speed Monitoring
Track & Trace view
Night Driving Monitoring
Customized location marking (Customer,Depo,Toll..)
Auto Alerts and reports generated by system
Consignment tracking on the company website
Performance analysis of the vehicles
Panic Button/SOS/Emergency Alert
Trip Management-Route wise location mapping
R-Track Apps for convenient access
Preventive maintainance /Renewals auto alerts
Temperature sensors for cold storage and vehicles
Timely statutory compliance to avoid seizing of the vehicle
Auto update to the branches/customer as per geofence set

Benefits of R-Track

Ensure optimum utilization of Fleets

Online monitor and control

Vehicle Performance and control

Helps in crisis situation

Easy locating and engaging Vehicles

Emergency help and prevention of losses

Reduction in duplication of work

Automatic SMS and Email alerts on event defined

Idle Vehicle alerts

Customer Value addition by providing them timely auto update of the cargo movement